Our Process

Step 1: Keyword Research

The first step when beginning SEO is to determine the keywords that will be most beneficial to target for your business. At Smart SEO Vancouver, we look for targeted keywords related to your business with a large volume of monthly searches. Typically keywords with more searches are more competitive, and much more difficult to rank for, but a skilled search marketer will always go after these keywords. We also look for rare high traffic keywords that are easier to rank for.

Competitor Analysis

Once we have selected a number of keywords, we will then analyze the keywords and determine who your main competitors are for each keyword so we can individually assess each competitor’s website to determine what kind, if any, optimization they have performed. This is used to first match your competitors SEO efforts, and then give your business the edge.

Step 2: On-site Optimization

On-site is the process of going through the files of your website and ensuring all of it’s individual components are targeted towards the keyword those pages will be targeting.

This involves diving deep into the code of your website and optimizing page titles, meta descriptions, page headings and page content. We also generate and submit a sitemap to search engines, so they can easily “see” all the pages of your website. If you don’t know what any of this stuff is, don’t worry, we handle all the technical stuff so you don’t have to.

Step 3: Link Building / Content Marketing

One of the ways that Google and other search engines determine which websites rank the highest is by determining how many other websites link to it. It’s important to remember that link quality is much more important than quantity. We use proven link building strategies to build highly relevant links to your website.

Depending on your service plan, we can also suggest or generate articles, blog posts, and content that would help your website generate more traffic and links. We also have in-house social media specialists to manage your social media accounts to create buzz and maximize natural links that are created by your customers on their twitter, facebook, and other social media pages.

Step 4: Conversion Rate Optimization

Getting more people to visit your website is just part of the puzzle. After all, what good is 1000 visitors if only a few of them actually turn into customers. Conversion rate optimization is the art of getting more of the visitors that come to your website to take action by either contacting you, or purchasing your product/service if you sell directly online.

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